Tuesday, October 19, 2010

in the thick of potty training..

So there are just some months when the most creative thing you do is help your three year old boy to use the "big boy" potty.  Yes, I made a potty chart complete with tons of stickers to earn for sitting on the potty but it wasn't so cute so I am not posting a pic here.  I did however come up with some great reasoning for using the potty instead of his new underwear.  Thomas the train does not like to cry, nor does he like the stench of human waste... can I tell you, the boy bought it hook line and sink.  He is not having many accidents now but when he does, he is quick to tell me that we need to clean Thomas up right away!  Hopefully I will have more interesting things to post in the coming days..Halloween is around the corner and I have yet to make the costumes..wait a minute, I don't even know what the boy is going to be!

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