Monday, October 25, 2010

A skirt to match the pants..

So I haven't been super busy with creative projects over the past few weeks because as I mentioned in the last post, potty training has been in session for the past 4 weeks.  During these weeks I also nursed a very bad cold, celebrated my birthday with family and friends, and got hit with a very bad stomach bug.  Somehow I did manage to eek out a skirt for my youngest daughter that would look good when worn alongside the grey pants I made for her brother (the ones I posted with felled seams).  So here it is:

So the skirt came out a bit different than I had envisioned.  I was hoping for a lighter, fluffier kind of skirt that would have more movement but instead I got a somewhat stiff full skirt.  It will have to do for now because the week ahead is all about Halloween costumes... every year I say that I will get the costumes together early.... every year, I end up working round the clock trying to get them all done 2 days before hand... maybe next year things will be different.


  1. Wendy I love Evi's new skirt. Indeed it will match her brothers new pants. Sounds like you have indeed been playing the role of a busy mom. Hang in there. Can't wait to see your next creation.

  2. Thank you! I am such a dork, I was looking at the post just now and realized that these pics were taken when I was making sure the elastic was the right size...I hadn't actually sewn the back up yet! I'll have to post a better pic when I get a chance to take her outdoors in the (now dirty)skirt. So very Wendy huh?