Tuesday, October 12, 2010

when surrounded by crayons..

so crayons are always being found everywhere these days.  Sometimes in the bin they belong in, often times on the floor, on the kitchen counter, in my carry all bag but hopefully not in the car as that could get pretty ugly on any given day in our climate (which is almost always hot).  So crayons, as my previous post suggested, have become quite the medium of choice for me these days.  Some time between my oldest child being born and potty training she began to color often with those lovely little pieces of color saturated wax and I found myself enjoying coloring along right next to her. 

She is almost eleven now but my younger two are just beginning their love affairs with crayons.  It's fun to lay on the playroom floor with them and see how fast I can jot down there images.  It is quite the challenge as they move about freely, incapable of holding a pose for more than five seconds.  Sometimes you love the outcome, others not so much but every time provides plenty of laughter with the kids.  My son who is 3 thinks it's hilarious to watch me try to get the image down as my youngest (all of 1 year) climbs on top of me or better yet, stands directly on the page I am drawing on.  I think the memories alone are good enough on those days.

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