Saturday, November 6, 2010

finishing eachothers art..

So Yasmeen and I have spent many an hour finishing each others art.  Sometimes I start the piece and sometimes she does.  Sometimes we are on a plane killing time, sometimes I see that she was "done" with her piece long before the page was filled while painting at the dining room table.  

We started doing this together when she was very young (as early as she could pick up a crayon and make a few marks).  It has provided ample time for togetherness doing something that we love.  I also believe that it has given her a good eye for composition.  I liken it to reading to our children.  When they can read pictures, we read them the words.  As they grow and learn to read, they read one page and we read another. 

Today I was strolling down memory lane and found these pics that Yasmeen and I did together.  Well, all but the last one.  I saw that one (which was done on the same day as the one before it) and thought it was a great example of how far she has come in composition.  These pics date back from when she was five or six until the summer of '09.  For some reason I don't have anything more recent scanned.  Either we need to get busy doing art together again or I need to start scanning!

Yasmeen finished these two pieces by making the bodies and there clothing.

Yasmeen drew this lady complete and then I painted her, added the clothes and the back ground.

This was a still life of a small wooden statue that we have in our dining room.


  1. Cool! I think Yasmeen will be a designer somewhere down the line.

  2. you think? I know she'll be creating something that's for sure ; )