Monday, November 1, 2010

Petticoat central..Halloween 2010

So here they are, the petticoats that took hours and hours to make!  If you are wondering why my tiny girl is wearing hers as a dress, it's because I got carried away and forgot to measure when I cut the satin lol.  It was too late in the day once sewn so we tied it around her neck and voila, she had a dress.  The girls were "bursts of color" designed by big sis Yasmeen.  They were supposed to have these tops on that I was supposed to sharpie tie like the ones here but I ran out of time and still had to whip up the Dalmatian costume for Moses.

I would blog more about this experience in costume making tonight but I am absolutely spent so it will have to wait.  I do however feel the need to post all about my experience making those all time consuming petticoats.  I am stunned that anyone would make those to sell now that I have made one.  $65.00 is cheap for that amount of work!  Maybe you get fast at making them when you make them to sell on Etsy?

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