Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas... a few days late

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that you are all enjoying your time with family right now.  I am doing just that.  Dear husband Hugo is off of work for the week so there will most likely be no photos and no more posts until after the new year.  I can't wait to share pictures of the the very bias skirt that I whipped up for Yasmeen right before Christmas and all of the many rosette and floral head bands that I made for her and her friends.  I will do so when everyone is back to work and school but for now, I am off to enjoy the time that I have with them home.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

car I promised, just a day or two later than said

I have to begin with a BIG I don't know how all of the other mom's who blog do it!  I finished the car rolls several days ago but getting great pictures with everything else that needs to be done around here was just I settled for what I got and maybe there will be a new year's resolution in all of this ; )  Here they are.

This is the inside of my daughter Evelyn's, I bought the only pack of cars that I could find with a pink caddilac and wouldn't you know, there are only five in that bag!  Well I have made six pockets so I think it's time to pull a shiny red car from Moses' stash ; )

Moses and Evelyn are getting my little hatchbacks...just like the first car I bought (VW golf) but with a much nicer paint job.

My nephew's

and my niece

are getting these 

I only filled the ones for my little monsters so here the two stand filled with goodies.

Remember that these were far from my idea, I got the idea and tutorial here.  I didn't go to the bottom of Jill's tutorial until after I was done with most of the making but if I had, I might have realized that there were TEMPLATES that make the process of cutting out cars and painting on numbers much EASIER!  It's OK though, my kids got hatchbacks and that would never have happened if I had seen the templates ; )

I am off to conquer the rest of the rosettes so that everyone will have a gift under the tree.  I hope to be back with picks before Christmas but if I'm not, Merry Christmas to everyone!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas is coming...

and I have been working round the clock over here to get all of the gifts made.  I have spent ample time looking over the wonderful things posted on Sew Mama Sew's Handmade Holidays and although I wanted to pick more, I finally decided on just a few things to mass produce for the kids and their friends/ cousins.  Next year I want to start earlier so that all of my gifts can be hand made.  I really am loving making them all but like always, I have bit off more than I can chew and it looks like some of these gifts will be arriving for Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas instead ; )  

So what have I made and what am I still working on?  Well these car rolls looked like they would be a piece of cake so I had to make them (six in total) but they took a lot longer than I thought they would.  Not sure if it was all the diaper changing, breast feeding, taxi driving, and cooking that needed to be done...never mind the cleaning ; ) but it ended up taking me 2 weeks to complete them all.  They came out OK but there are a lot of things that I will do differently if I do these again.  In fact, making these gave me the idea for an entire post that I would like to do on freezer paper stencils when Christmas is over and I have time to actually think and post again.  They are for my smallest children and my niece and nephews and because they are all five and under, I think they will forgive me the imperfections.

I have also been making a ton of rosette head bands that I found the idea for here  The tutorial is great but hand sewing was not the plan when I started to make all my gifts.  I saved the sewing part on 40 of the rosettes thinking I would knock them out during my Wednesday bible study and my Friday mom's group but when I got to Wednesday Bible study, I realized that I had forgotten my thimble.  Please note, DO NOT HAND SEW WITH OUT A THIMBLE unless you want a few small holes in a finger on your sewing hand.  It's Saturday night and I am still feeling the pain.  I am hoping to finish all of my rosette headbands tomorrow and post pics.  

I took a break tonight and went to my good friend and neighbor Jacqui's annual Christmas party tonight where I scored a Wal-Mart gift card in the gift exchange (wooooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!).  Needless to say, I have had one to many glasses of wine to take a great pic of the car rolls or the rosettes that I am working on but I plan to post them tomorrow (really I am going to do this this time).  So until tomorrow, have a good night and enjoy Christmas break!

finally, I'm back with pics

It has been a mad house of sewing, baking, concerts and class parties over here.  Makes me wonder how I ever thought I would get back here before the months end but here I am!  First up, the pictures of the money cuffs made for Yasmeen's guests at the party last month.  I believe it was nearly two weeks ago when I promised to post these "tomorrow" well never mind the tardiness, here they are:

the monograms were done freehand with the satin stitch

handy zippered pocket to put your $$$ in 

and a cute little 15 month old to model them for you...funny thing is that she put these on herself while I was busy, oh, I have a lot of fun to look forward to with this busy girl!

Remember that these were not my idea, I first saw them here and then followed that link to this tutorial..  The tutorial was great.  I added the piece of fabric with the monograms because I wasn't happy with the visible stitching after adding Velcro.  Also, I wanted to add more of the pink (Yasmeen picked the pink for the inside and I thought it was better out.  So we compromised and she loved them.

Now this morning I am trying to fit in a couple hours of work out side of the home before I finish making the rest of  my Christmas gifts and yes, I am way behind but still hopeful ; )  I am hoping that I can come back and post late tonight when I have gotten some more done.  I would love to show pics of the wonderful rosettes I've been working on and the car rolls that I have made.  I still have 3 skirts and few other odds and ends to complete before Christmas so off of this computer I am getting now!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday Party and a great idea for Party Favors

 As I have shared with you all before, I think Birthday's are a BIG deal.  I love celebrating the lives of the ones I love.  You've already seen a pic from Yasmeen's "family party" in my last post but there was more.  We threw her "friend party" on the following Friday night with 5 of her closest friends.  Her slumber party was a success made possible by wonderful friends and our dear neighbor Jacquie who volunteered to drive us all to the ice skating rink at the Galleria (yes, on Black Friday!).  Here are some highlights  from the party.

gotta have balloons!

a root beer toast to the Birthday girl!

my wonderful neighbor and friend, Jacqui the driver

waiting on line to get ice skates

gotta love a turquoise hat with scarf to match!

little Evy joined the slumber party movie watching  fun

plenty of pillows and plenty of popcorn

a birthday breakfast with the little ones joining in

Evy scored the candy cane turned into a hat

 I also wanted to show off the party favors that I whipped up (late, they are going out with the thank you notes tomorrow).  I found the idea for the wrist wallets here where there is a link to a great tutorial here .  Yasmeen loved them and picked out the fabric from my monster stash of smaller cuts. 
but that will have to wait another day because I am running behind on all of my pics and editing.  Hopefully the post with the pics will be tomorrow.  I have to say that as much as I am enjoying this little blog, it is really a challenge to get to it and actually have all the photos of everything you want to share ready to go.  So until tomorrow...