Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year....and she's back!

So I am finally back to share a few pics of the kids opening some of there hand made gifts.  It took me long enough, I know but the worst of it is that I didn't even get that many shots of the gifts!  I have a stellar excuse this time though really.  After weeks of hunger, nausea, and extreme fatigue I discovered that I am not really in need of meds for manic depression but rather that I am expecting baby number four this coming August!  So I will try to get great pics of the rest of the things that I made and continue to make things but I will do them as I can while I deal with the first trimester and all that it brings to my already crazy hectic life.  

I had to get a tree shot in here so that you could see the wonderful vintage ornaments that my mom and dad have.  I love all the felt ones from the seventies.  My grandmother made them.  I think that the Raggedy Ann and Andy are my favorites this year.

She has worn this a few times already but I have yet to get the camera out when it is actually on her body!  This is the very bias skirt that can be found here at no big dill with a complete tutorial to show you how.  She loves it and for the first time in years, she got compliment after compliment when she wore it to school the first day back after winter holiday!  Yes, this mama was very proud ; )

not the best shot but I promise it is cute in person.  I made this while driving (don't worry, my husband was at the wheel) to see my parents for Christmas.  It goes with the skirt.

and here is my Moses who immediately decided that his little sister didn't really need her car roll or her cars lol.  They played with these a good bit on the long ride home at the end of the week.  If you didn't see my previous post here , these lovely car rolls were not my idea.  I found the tutorial for these here at home made by jill and made six of them for the kids in my family.

So it is late and this is all I have to show for all my hard work right now.  I will come back soon I hope with more pictures of the things I made and gave this Christmas.  Then it's on to the next big thing...Valentines day!  

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