Thursday, January 20, 2011

while unable to create...

Yes, it is true that this baby inside of me is wreaking havoc on all of my plans for January and the many things I had planned to create.  So instead of posting pics of things I am not working on right now, I will share my funny moment on the ride home from Christmas with the grandparents.

It is about 7 or so driving hours from my parents house to mine and this was the first time that we all have taken this ride in the same car so...well, I'll just let you see the pic of all three in the back.

please ignore the not so clean windows and simply note where Yasmeen's shoulders are.  My guess is that we need a new car quick if we are going to fit another child in before the next drive to Mobile, AL.  We do have another car that has more room in back but this is the one that my husband deemed road worthy for this years Christmas trip.  None the less, of all the things that we thought of when we found out we were expecting another child, this seemed to be the most pressing.  It looks like we will be in the market for a minivan in the very near future.  

Yasmeen was a trooper and a great help with the little ones on the ride home.  I think that she is getting the big sis of the year award for 2011!

We did stop for a good long visit at Cracker barrel in Baton Rouge where I discovered that the front porch has giant checkers games and all three kids (no, Evy didn't really know what she was doing) had fun playing the game for a little while.  I'll leave you with some pics of their checkers fun.




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