Friday, April 1, 2011

just made laundry soap

So I have no pics this time which stinks because I don't think that I will have to make laundry soap for a very long time after today (doubled the recipe).  I have spent the last 3 months procrastinating (in just about every area of my life) and simply not wanting to get into the "mess" that I thought making laundry soap would be.  I even considered spending a whole lot of money to buy another 5 gallon bucket of Charlie's Soap (which I do love) but then I remembered that with 2 kids in school next year and double the expenses with the older one since she will be starting middle school...yeah, yeah, can't waste money just to save time.  Didn't I get into this staying home and living on a dime for a reason?  Isn't this part of running a household on a tight budget?  So this afternoon I just got to it.  

Guess what, it turned out to be easier than baking a batch of cookies from a mix!  I loved it!  I could do this once a month if I had to (but thankfully, I don't).  So if you too would like to save a ton of money on a laundry soap that is great for laundry and rinses clean from dirty diapers (very important in our home as we have a lot of those) just go here to the Duggars site and check out this recipe for laundry soap.  I made the liquid because I was sure that it would rinse clean from my diapers and I surely didn't want to go through the trouble of making such a large batch of it if I wasn't sure that it would work for our needs.  

That's all for today, off to cook dinner for the little ppl (and the husband).  Hopefully I'll be back soon with pictures of something great next time.